What are some industries that S4 Communications services?

S4 has experience with servicing large clients in the following industries: Telecommunications, Energy, Public Sector, Health Care, Finance, e-Commerce

What are some specific services that are offered?

Outbound Sales and Customer Service, Account Management, Inbound Sales and Customer Service, Satisfaction Surveys, Business to Business, Life cycle customer management, Retention, Collection, Custom Assembly, Database Management, Technical Support, and Provisioning

What kind of experience does S4 Communications have?

S4 Management has over 100 years of combined experience in providing BPO services for its clients

Where is S4 Communications located?

S4 has multiple operations in the US and offshore, providing geo-redundant operational capabilities

What career opportunities do you offer?

Thank you for your interest in joining S4 Communications. Please send your resume to jobs@s4communications.com.

Awesome Features

Our core Features

Time Savings

We help simplify your operations so you can focus on your core business

24/7 Dedicated Support

We combine well-coordinated shifts with staff from around the globe in different time zones

High Quality Hardware

We utilize a global network and cloud services to deliver the best performance

Best Quality Service

Dedicated Client Service Managers ensure consistent team results